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Coding in Household Consumables Industry | Macsa Laser

Manufacturers of home care products (detergents, cleaners, air fresheners, etc.) must code the packaging of their products in accordance with the national legislation of each country, which usually includes the batch number and the expiry date.

As coding ensures product , it is decisive to guarantee consumer safety, but at the same time, it also offers a high quality image and helps the brand to protect itself from counterfeiting.

At Macsa we have solutions for high quality marking and coding on plastics, cardboard and glass … The home care industry uses containers which are filled with liquids, thick and greasy substances which can be hazardous if spilled. Macsa lasers provide the correct IP protection for hostile work environments which helps to prevent possible damage to the laser and its components.

Macsa have a wide range of inkjetprint & applylaser or TTO solutions to achieve the coding that best suits your product and working environment, whether it is for the packaging of air fresheners, detergents, home care or cleaning products, etc. Our equipment even allows the packaging of delicate products such as solvents to be marked and coded, without the risk of damaging the packaging or inner contents in any way.

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