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Our range of thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) are ideal for use in the packaging printing industry, coding and marking plastics, film packaging, labels, gloss card, foil and other flexible materials with barcodes and logos.

Tap into the efficiency, ease and low ownership costs of the Linx TT5 Thermal Transfer Overprinter(TTO). Designed for high quality coding onto flexible film.

Linx TT5

Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Armor brand thermal transfer ribbons for all types of thermal transfer printers.

Linx Ribbon

Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTR)

The Linx TT3 is a simple printer designed for simple date and batch coding onto flexible materials including bags, pouches and flow wrap, ideal when coding areas of 32mm x 30mm. Easy to use, maximum ribbon economy, minimum fuss.

Linx TT3

Thermal Transfer Overprinter

A wider ribbon (up to 110mm) - perfect for printing longer messages such as ingredients, logos and marketing information.

Linx TT10

Thermal Transfer Overprinter

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