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Green Supply Chain: The Key to Sustainability

The term ‘Green Supply Chain management’ (GSCM) refers to the concept of integrating sustainable environmental processes into the traditional supply chain. This can include processes such as product design, material sourcing and selection, manufacturing and production, operation and end-of-life management.

In recent years, research in the area of green manufacturing has extended into green supply chain management. Achieving highly responsive, sustainable supply chain performance is the key to securing a competitive advantage, as well consumer loyalty and long-term business success.

Organizations worldwide are acutely aware of this, but implementing green supply chain management is no simple task. Traditionally, supply chain management has been about cost and quality. Growing concern for the environment has forced a rethink.

In this article you will get an overview of the challenges it involves and Macsa id’s comprehensive solution to get along in this new scene.


1. What is Green Supply Chain Management?

2. The challenge with conventional packaging solutions

3. Benefits of using laser printers

4. The Macsa id solution

1. What is Green Supply Chain Management?

Green supply chain management is an approach that integrates eco-friendly methods into traditional supply chain management. Its goal is to reduce the harm incurred at every stage of product creation—purchasing, production, material management, distribution, and logistics.

In short, the environmental aspect must be a component in all stages of a product’s life, from its design, to its eventual recycling.

The Cycle of Green Supply Chain

2. The challenge with conventional packaging solutions

Conventional print methods struggle to offer brands the flexible and agile solutions they need to meet these varying packaging demands effectively. Traditional manufacturing processes are intended for mass production and require high volume minimum orders of identical boxes, labels, or retail displays to be cost-effective for the brand and the manufacturer.

3. Benefits of using laser printers

The rising adoption of digital printing and marking technology in food and beverage packaging, consumer goods packaging, and industrial packaging, is propelling the market towards laser printers in the food and FMCG segment.

Laser printing provides precise, high-quality text and graphics on various packaging materials. It is an ideal solution when you need custom printed labels for your products, promotional items, on a wide variety of packaging surfaces.

Laser markings are completely permanent. They are engraved onto the surface of the item, which is a huge bonus for laser marking.

Laser printers guarantee:

High-quality Print






Near-Zero Maintenance

4. The Macsa id solution

Macsa id’s packaging lasers achieve high quality marking on any packaging material from cardboard, glass or PET to polystyrene. They require no consumables, making them environmentally friendly and cost effective to run.

Macsa id provides laser marking solutions which are compact for production line environments, but also offers modular options for flexible integrated applications, with both options being highly reliable and requiring little maintenance.

At Macsa id we will be happy to find the marking, coding and traceability solution that best suits your needs:


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