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Macsa targets packaging sector with SPA 2 laser coders

The SPA 2 lasers are designed to be integrated with any production line or application, and adapted to meet changing needs of the user. It can mark on a range of packaging materials, such as wood, thermal labels, board, metallised board, glass, ceramics, metals, rubber and plastics.

There are two basic SPA 2 printheads for different speed and quality requirements. The new XQS printhead is suitable for most applications, whereas the HPD printhead is recommended for high resolution images, difficult substrates, product modification and marking areas above 250mm2.

With models that meet IP54 and IP65 standards, the SPA 2 lasers are designed to operate in dusty or damp environments and in extremes of temperature.

The reverse airflow cooling system means that filters are changed less frequently and not needed at all in some circumstances. A sealed air system transfers heat from the laser to the cooling air itself.

In a statement, Masca said: “The SPA 2’s surface recognition feature, which is included within its 3D printing kit, allows printing on multi-level surfaces, ensuring an optimal focal point at all times. An external Z-axis controller enables operators to adapt the SPA 2’s vertical coding axis in order to vary the height between print cycles and adapt it to different products.”


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