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Collamat is producing labelling machines since 1958, having more than 16,000 systems sold and selling into more than 40 countries. This gives us the right to say that we know the labelling business better than most.

S series

  • Powerful machines that solve labeling tasks where precision and speed are important.

  • Communication with external systems / ERP etc. is possible.

  • Modular design, which is particularly important in labeling tasks where communication and precision are required.

C series

  • Quick install and change settings for various labeling tasks.

  • Simple and logical settings that ensure perfect product labeling. 

  • Various models and modular options ensure that labeling tasks of various kinds are perfectly solved.

Print & Apply

For the systems for printing and labelling, the Collamat® Etiprint series offers two versions: with Collamat® Print & Apply, the last printed label is applied to the product. Collamat® Inline provides maximum application speed with its solution for printing and labelling.

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