Applications for Brake pads, Filter, Aerosol cans, Battery, Wiper arm, Cable harnesses, Switches, Tires, Lubricating oil, Ruber seals, and Rubber profiles

Coding and Marking Solutions by Linx Printing Technologies

A modern vehicle contains thousands of individual components, each of which may need a specific part number. The cost to a vehicle manufacturer of dealing with the consequences of a defective part can be huge, taking into account not just recall costs, but possible fines, loss of share value and damage to reputation. Linx direct part marking solutions, particularly 2D codes, can combine with vision systems to deliver robust and reliable traceability.

In addition, the need for durable, clear and accurate codes is a given, whether for monitoring components through the assembly process, for stock control, anti-counterfeiting, or to meet customer expectations.

Aside from vehicle components, the automotive industry often requires coding and marking solutions for other materials such as cardboard boxes for component packaging. These outer cases usually require text and graphics which are easy to see. Linx Large Character Printers provide a high-resolution printing and are easy to set up and adjust, offering a cost-effective alternative to pre-printed boxes or labels.

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) - perhaps the most cost-effective choice for automotive marking and coding, CIJ maintains an important place as it can print on almost any substrate. A wide range of inks are available to use with CIJ printers including coloured inks to ensure legibility on any colour substrate, UV-readable inks for anti-counterfeiting or water-removable inks for internal traceability, adding yet another dimension to the coding process.

Cap Sealer by Enercon Induction Cap Sealing

Enercon Industries is the world-leading supplier of induction cap sealing and surface treatment technology across the globe. Over the past 40 years, we have been helping manufacturers improve their manufacturing processes resulting in higher productivity, lower unit costs, increased recyclability, reduced wastage, and operating costs. We are the principal provider of induction foil sealing systems with large and small installations on every continent.

Marking and coding in parts of the automotive sector by Macsa Laser

Component manufacturers for the automotive sector need to mark their products to identify them, add instructions and, due to traceability reasons, it is increasingly necessary to apply a 2D code to these products in order to comply with the AIMDPM-1-2006 regulation. In the automotive sector, Macsa ID provides solutions for the laser marking of metal parts and plastic materials such as day&night buttons. The marking and coding of vehicle parts facilitates their control, safety, and traceability. They can include alpha-numeric information or 2D codes, data matrix or QR codes that contain more information about the components.

Laser coding systems offer low maintenance costs and provide a marking that is resistant to abrasive processes during the production of the parts.

High-resolution printing for Automotive Industry by HSA Systems.
The robust design of our printer controllers and printheads makes them perfect for harsh industrial environments. Within our extensive range of HP inks, you will find black and coloured inks that provide excellent adhesion, light and water fastness for a durable and high-contrast print – perfect.


    Applications: Batch coding solutions for rubber profiles by Linx 7900 / White Pigmented ink printer. Lowest running costs, quick and simple code setup. The Linx solution gave us the flexibility to print any product on any line at any time.


    Applications: Brake Pads coding by Linx CIJ printer with yellow pigmented ink.  It is one small part of your production process, but getting it right can make a big difference to your overall productivity.


    Applications: Batch coding solutions for airbags silicone elastomer airbags by MiniKey HSAjet Thermal Inkjet printer (TIJ).  HSAJET® HP TIJ 2.5 printers provide excellent print quality on a silicone substrate 'High-contrast and durable prints'.


    Applications: Marking and coding in parts of the filter sector by 10 Watts CO2 Macsa Laser. Laser coding systems offer low maintenance costs and provide a marking which is resistant to abrasive processes during the production of the parts.


    Applications: Shock Absorber batch coding solution by Linx Ink Jet Printer (CIJ).  They are cost-effective for low-to-medium volume producers and are easily integrated into existing production equipment.


    Application: Brake Pads batch coding by Linx Continuous Ink Jet Printer (CIJ) with white pigmented ink. CIJ inks are fast-drying and can accommodate both high-speed and lower volume production environments.


    Applications: Black Tag marking onto wire harness by Linx Continuous Ink Jet Printer (CIJ). The production line is made up of a continuous length of wire harness operation at a speed of 10 meters per minute.


    Application: DENSO heat control coding and marking solutions by CO2 laser marking. Laser coding systems offer low maintenance costs and provide a marking which is resistant to abrasive processes during the production of the parts.


    Applications: Opet Madeni Yağlari, one of Turkey’s largest fuel oil distributors, has been using Enercon Induction sealing equipment for over fifteen years. Induction sealing has provided the company with many benefits,


    Applications: Millers Oils, a leading developer of automotive oils, wanted to provide added security as well as tamper evidence to its fuel additive. In order to achieve this, the company contacted Enercon Industries and introduced two induction cap sealers.


    Applications: A contract packer has helped a customer clean up their packaging by switching to induction sealing and eliminating leaks. Wyepak convinced their customers to move to induction cap sealing for stronger and more reliable seals.


    Applications: Branding and Marking onto Wipers by Linx Continuous Ink Jet Printer (CIJ) with white pigmented ink. Secure code/clear company name, the reassurance of original parts. How coding and marking can help reduce the impact of Automotive recalls.


    Applications: With the logo, batch number and database, the customer wanted to print them on the aluminum substrate. MiniTOUCH HSAJET® TIJ 2.5 printers it is possible to make high quality, durable prints.

  • castrol fuel oil.png


    Application: Safe and permanent marking and coding for the Automotive industry, especially on Lubricant or Engine oils packaging. iCON 10 Watts CO2 laser by MACSA was selected for Castrol, Thailand.


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