Markets for soft drinks, fruit juice and fruit drinks, wine and spirits, mineral water, liquid milk, beer and cider.

Coding and Marking Solutions by Linx Printing Technologies

We offer a full range of beverage coders designed to meet the challenges faced by the beverage industry every day such as coding onto wet bottles without sacrificing high line speeds and robust traceability. Our specialist beverage coding machines have IP55 and IP65 ratings, meaning you can ensure reliable operations in wet or dusty environments. Whether you're coding best before or manufacturing dates, traceability codes, or anti-counterfeit/brand protection marks onto bottle caps, cartons, cans or plastics - we can meet your specific needs.

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) - non-contact, high-speed coding with clean, reliable operation in challenging environments.

Traceability in the beverage sector by MACSA ID

Beverage manufacturers (sodas, soft drinks, mineral water, wines, beers, ciders, juices, etc.) must print codes on the packaging of their products, and they must do so on high-speed lines, on a wide range of materials and in one of the most demanding production environments that exist.

In Macsa ID, we recommend solutions based on laser technology to apply these codes, due to their ability to mark a wide range of materials such as PET, glass, aluminum cans, cardboard cartons, etc. in a clean and safe way, with easy legibility and low maintenance costs.

Macsa ID laser equipment and solutions allow both the bottleneck and its base to be marked. These solutions are especially useful for wine and drinks companies due to the fact that the laser can mark both the bottle and the cork, make white markings on the glass and mark on the wooden boxes and barrels. If you prefer, you can also opt for labelling or ink marking solutions from Macsa ID. They are very versatile systems that also allow a wide variety of materials such as glass, crystal, PET or plastic, among others to be marked. They can provide custom labelling for wine bottles as well as label application on glass or PET bottles, among other materials.

In terms of marking on cans and cartons, Macsa ID coding and marking equipment and solutions make it possible to print expiry and batch codes with ink or laser, as well as QR codes on aluminum cans for soft drinks.

Induction Seal Beverage Products By Enercon

From water to wine, hot chocolate to instant coffee – induction cap sealing is an increasingly popular choice for a wide range of products in the beverage industry.

Induction cap sealing is suitable for various bottled drinks, including both liquid and powder products, whether chilled or ambient. A strong, reliable, yet easy-to-peel seal ensures that the product is safe from spillage and contamination – reducing the risk of customer dissatisfaction and product wastage. Another benefit that users of induction sealing cite is the ability to preserve the flavours and freshness of their beverages.

By adding a foil seal oxidation is prevented from occurring, which helps keep the product fresh. Induction sealing is also a suitable alternative for beverage manufacturers looking to move away from a tear band and become more eco-friendly. Adding an induction seal eliminates the need for a tear band and allows for the bottle’s neck and shoulder areas to be reduced – decreasing the overall closure weight and therefore the amount of plastic used.

Industrial Thermal InkJet Printers & Systems by HSA Systems

From high line speeds to condensation, beverage producers operate within one of the most demanding production environments. With expensive filling and packaging equipment, producers have no tolerance for unplanned coder downtime. HSA Systems has a range of high uptime solutions to meet these challenges whether you need to print a simple best before date or more complex promotional and gaming codes.


    Applications: Print of Manufacturing Date and Best Before Date on the metal cap by Thermal Inkjet Printer, HSA Systems with Solvent Base Ink. High speeds and superb quality combine in this innovative HSA systems. its saves time and money...


    Applications: Tetra Brik - the smart package Our specialist beverage coding machines have IP55 and IP65 ratings, meaning you can ensure reliable operations in wet or dusty environments.


    Applications: Linx Continuous Inkjet Printer) is targeted primarily at the beverage sector where a heat seal application is required (Sachet). This 1014 ink provides quality adhesive properties to a wide range of substrate, while its resistance to heat pressure makes.


    Applications: Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) Inkjet printing on glass bottles for the beverage industry, that is really about helping the packaging industry. And making sure their marking and coding needs are met.


    Applications: Fiber laser marking on metal lids, Macsa Laser obtains good results of definition and contrast, even on black lids. This Fiber laser guarantees optimal, clear marking on colored backgrounds, offering high contrast and visibility.


    Application: Laser coding on metal lids, on the beverage industry, metal lids guarantee the hermetic seal required by many products. There are different types: special lids for pasteurized products, with protection, with a sterilization button.


    Applications: CIJ- non-contact, high-speed coding with clean, reliable operation in challenging environments. The Linx 8920 uses specialist ink, Linx Black bottling ink 1058, to print batch and best-before information onto both glass and PET bottles.


    Application: Large character case coding machines offer a cost-effective alternative to labels and pre-printed boxes. They can print text, logs, graphics up to 70mm high onto porous substrates such as paper and card.


    Applications: Linx's high-quality continuous inkjet printers (CIJ) deliver glass marking at speed with reliability. Linx printers not only meet the tough demands of the glass bottle coding process in the beverage industry. they bring ease-of-operation too.


    Applications: Millers Oils, a leading developer of automotive oils, wanted to provide added security as well as tamper evidence to its fuel additive. In order to achieve this, the company contacted Enercon Industries and introduced two induction cap sealers.


    Applications: Linx printers are providing the ideal solution for the coding of both primary and secondary packaging and Linx launch returnable bottle ink to enable reuse of glass bottles (ink 1068).


    Applications: Date printing on PET bottles and plastic cap by Linx continuous inkjet printer (CIJ). Linx's application expertise in printing on PET and Plastic sutbstrate spands many years, including deep knowledge of trends such as lightweighting.


    Applications: Coffee company moves to ‘cleaner’ method of sealing jars by switching to induction heat sealing. For this particular need, induction cap sealing proved to be a more effective alternative to glue.


    Application: Coding & Marking systems for Juice Carton. Accurate and legible markings are necessary and required on all levels of packaging. Linx Printers have IP55 and IP65 ratings, meaning you can ensure reliable operations in wet or dusty environments.


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