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The future of product marking - Made in Germany

cab is setting new technological benchmarks in developing and manufacturing devices and systems for product labeling and product marking. Barcode printers are as much part of our delivery program as label printers, print and apply systems. Customers from the manufacturing, service industries, and trade rely on our high-quality standards.

Products need labeling

In the automotive sector, labeling ensures that components to the smallest screw are traceable. In logistics, labeling guarantees scheduled delivery. On electrical devices, type plates refer to performance data and use. The pharmaceutical industry sees labeling prevent from errors relevant to health. In chemistry, labeling points out to risks associated with the handling of the products – multi-colored and without any barriers as regards language. On food, labeling informs about ingredients and on textiles about its best possible care.

cab since more than 40 years develops and manufactures solutions for product marking and a large amount of accessories for any demand. The product range includes label printers, print and apply systems, label dispensers  and marking laser systems. In addition, cab provides labels and thermal transfer ribbons for the perfect imprint. Components as well as means of laboratory, testing and production are still offered.


cab label printers are at home in virtually any industry today. Our devices are employed in commercial applications, in tough continuous operation in the industry, and for a wide range of services. We incorporate this cross-sectoral experience into our development processes, thus ensuring that our customers benefit from our wide-ranging know-how.


cab print and apply systems are designed for automated print and apply processes in production lines. Different applicators allow the label to be applied via roll-on, blow-on or tamp-on to a product or packaging.

Print and apply systems HERMES Q.jpg

Print & Apply Systems


Tube labeling systems AXON 1.jpg

Print & Apply Systems


Print and apply systems Hermes C.jpg

Print & Apply Systems

Hermes C


Print & Apply Systems


Label printers SQUIX.jpg

Print & Apply Systems



Labeling Head



Printing on labels and fully automatic labeling have to meet the highest demands on quality, reliability, and safety. Label surfaces are optimized for high resolution in thermal transfer printing.

In thermal transfer mode, a special ribbon is heated by the print head selectively. The color layer of the ribbon melts and transfers onto the surface of the label. Depending on the application and the label material, cab provides the three ribbon qualities wax, resin-wax, and resin.


 cab Labels


cab Ribbons

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