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Smallest servo-driven labeling head in its performance class

A future-proof investment

In the matter of mechanics, the IXOR can be ideally integrated into fully automatic labeling machines with the help of a modular construction kit. It can also be assembled to the conveyor belt of a production line by means of accessorial stands. Pre-printed labels are applied to products or packaging fast and precisely.

The device has the control unit integrated, a separate control cabinet is not required. The base unit can be selected from four structural widths in right-hand and left-hand designs. Unwinders pick up label rolls with 410 mm maximum outside diameter.

Zero downtime is possible through a redundant system.


The labeling head is a key component of smart production. The LAN and WLAN interfaces enable the device to be connected to the superior control units of machines. MQTT ensures cross-platform and future-proof communication, while Modbus, OPC UA, and Ethernet/IP are available on demand. Protocols are kept simple and lean, machine and plant data can be submitted event-driven. If data values change, updates are possible in real-time.

Remote IXOR operation with a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC is possible at any time. The intuitive web interface allows backup, restore, and updates.

IXOR label dispenser

Construction L - left-hand
Assembly V - vertical

IXOR label dispenser

Construction R - right-hand

Assembly V - vertical

IXOR label dispenser

Construction L - left-hand

Assembly H - horizontal


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