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Laser Engraving of DataMaxtrix on Steel by Macsa Fiber Laser

Laser engraving of datamatrix on steel

On certain occasions, the laser engraving of a piece must be carried out at an intermediate step of the production process. This implies that a marking must be resistant to the processes in the manufacturing chain that follow on, which can be very aggressive due to the process itself and the working conditions.

In this application, a Datamatrix is engraved with a minimum relief that ensures reading and correct maintenance after a deformation and painting process.

The Datamatrix code engraved consists of a 16×16 cell array that encodes a 20-digit alphanumeric code. To obtain the highest contrast and ensure a better reading, the engraving process is carried out over two stages.

In the initial stage, the area is swept at high frequencies and speeds, which allows the bottom to be cleaned and standardized.

In the second stage, the Datamatrix itself is marked at a low speed and a medium frequency range. The result is a high definition, aggressive reaction that provides high contrast and relief, basic to support the subsequent painting process without losing its properties.

Technical Information

Lens: 100 x 100

Industry: Automotive

Application Type: Traceability

Product: Car tyre

Material: Raw steel

Marking type: Static

Marking time: 25 sec.

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