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Seaming process | Can seam Inspection system | VisioCanEnd

Seaming process | Can seam Inspection system | VisioCanEnd by E2M COUTH, Spain

Visiocanend is a high-performance double seam Inspection system by artificial vision with up to 7 high resolution cameras (depending on the model and customer needs) for cans and preserved foods. Double seam quality control system for preserved food cans with up to 7 high-resolution cameras for the inspection of all types of cans and all kinds of formats without exception: Hansa, Dingley, Club, Oval, Round, Meat…

Ensuring product quality and optimizing packaging line efficiency is made possible by E2M’s visiocanend double seam inspection system.

In production processes, the phase comprising the packaging line is a key moment that, without effective quality control and double seam inspection system, can lead to significant losses.

Rejection of defective or non-production packaging is an effective solution for reducing operating costs and meeting quality standards and demands.

The VisioCanEnd double seam inspection system performs in a High frequency cans production line detecting defective containers.

VisioCanEnd for cans double seam inspection.

This innovative, VisoCanEnd double seam inspector stands out in the market for valuable features such as:

  • Level inspection in opaque containers.

  • No x-rays or radioisotopes.

  • High speed.

  • Does not require calibration or adjustment for use.

  • Automatic adjustment in seconds at startup

  • Highly resistant.

  • Minimum and maximum level discrimination.

  • Allows waves and foam.

  • Measurement of% of the level of containers within specified ranges.

  • VisioCanEnd double seam inspection system inspects all types of cans and all types of formats without exception:

    • Hansa

    • Dingley

    • Club

    • Oval

    • Round

    • Meat

In this system each packaging format has associated a set of parameters that will be changed very quickly through completely intuitive configuration applications.


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