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Discover "All-In-One" Solution from the leader in coding in the personalcare industry

Discover "All-In-One" Solution from the leader in coding, marking and traceability in the personalcare industryIs it possible to have a complete service that includes machinery, software, maintenance and aftersales services?

Is it possible to guarantee traceability and manage everything from software that centralizes the coding and marking process?

Is it possible to mark a wide variety of materials (plastics, cardboard, glass, film, metal)?

Can various types of marking be used for optimal product traceability, such as logos, batch numbers, QR codes, etc.

Is it possible to label according to strict standards to ensure total product safety and human health?

Does Macsaid guarantee clear, clean, highly legible, permanent and secure marking?

Are different technologies (laser, inkjet, printing or labeling) available to properly code each package, depending on the working environment?


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