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A heatless inkjet ink, SIGMA solvent ink for HP 45si Specialty Printing Systems cures fast with deeper blacks and high durability, offering an industry-leading 24-month shelf life and 12-hour decap.


Shelf life

Q. What is the shelf life of SIGMA ink?

A. The shelf-life stability of our individual SIGMA ink cartridges lasts 24 months, more than double that of other ink manufacturers.


Q. What is the decap time of SIGMA ink?

A. SIGMA solvent ink has a decap of 12 hours, much longer than other solvent inks on the market.


Q. What is the decap time of SIGMA ink?

A. The ink is a dye solution engineered to deliver richer blacks than other inks on the market.


Q. Does SIGMA use heat for curing

A. No. The ink dries fast without external curing sources to produce a durable, resistant result.


Q. What is the minimum order quantity for SIGMA ink?

A. Unlike other ink manufacturers, Kao Collins does not require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for SIGMA ink.

About KAO Collins

Kao Collins provides solution

Kao Collins and HP

developed hundreds of different black HP inks,


SIGMA is a solvent-based ink formulated

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