Kao Collins and HP

Kao Collins has developed hundreds of different black HP inks, each formulated for different applications within the mailing industry and a broad range of packaging industries.

Kao Collins is a long-term HP Specialty Printing System (SPS) inkjet ink partner, supplying standard and customized fluids in genuine, brand new, HP thermal inkjet (TIJ) cartridges. In addition to the variety of customized ink solutions, Kao Collins also offers pigment-based process (CMYK) ink formulations and 14 standard color dye-based formulations. We can also color match any Pantone Matching System (PMS) color.

Please browse our standard inks. If you’re unsure which ink is best for your application, please send us a sample of your substrate. An ink technician will promptly and thoroughly evaluate your needs and make an ink recommendation to match the printhead model and substrate. If one of our standard inks doesn’t meet your needs, our experienced chemists will customize one that will.

Available Inkjet Printing Technologies​

  • Thermal inkjet

Available Ink Formulations for HP

  • Water-based dye black

  • Water-based pigment black

  • Water-based dye CMYK (process)

  • Water-based pigment CMYK process

  • Water-based spot color

  • Solvent-based black

  • Solvent-based process colors

  • Solvent-based spot colors

  • Invisible UV

  • Invisible IR

  • Visible Fluorescent

Standard Black Inks

  • CM-290

    • A dark, pigment-based ink that dries extremely fast on coated media.

  • CM-557 Coated Stock

    • A dye-based ink that produces a quality image and dries well on glossy and matte substrates.

  • Complete

    • A dye/pigment hybrid-based ink that is formulated to print on both coated and non-coated substrates. This ink will dry quickly and give good permanence while maintaining excellent print quality and a dark image.

  • OD Black (TWK2138)

    • A dye-based ink that allows users to print at a lower dpi, while still producing a dark image on non-coated stocks. This enables the customer to print at high speeds, without compromising the quality of the image.


Heads-Up Black Inks

  • CM-557 H

    • A dye-based ink that produces a quality image and dries well on glossy and matte substrates.

  • Reliable H (TWK2080H)

    • A dye-based ink that displays a dark image on coated stocks and dries extremely quickly.

  • Complete H (TWK1818H)

    • A dye/pigment hybrid-based ink that prints on both coated and non-coated substrates. Dries quickly and provides good permanence on coated stocks, while maintaining excellent print quality and a dark image on non-coated stocks.

  • Endurance (TWK2010H)

    • A dye-based ink that was designed for bulk applications. It provides a dark image and high contrast throughout, which results in lower impression costs. This ink provides high ink volume throughput.

  • Pack Black (TWK2103H)

    • A pigment-based ink designed for packaging applications where a low-duty cycle is used. It runs well in bulk and produces a quality image on most porous substrates, such as corrugated boxes.

Solvent Inks – HP 45si

  • Stratus (TSK281503)

    • Stratus (TSK281503) is Kao Collins’ newest addition to a growing line of thermal inkjet inks for difficult substrates.

  • Shark (TSK1948)

    • A solvent-based ink that was developed for a side-printing packaging application onto Styrofoam, PET, and paper cartons. As a result, this ink performs well in very humid packaging environments. The Shark ink provides a low maintenance, good adhesion, water fastness, and decap with reasonable dry times.

  • Sigma (TSK318203)

    • Developed for use HP 45si technology to deliver an industry-leading decap time of more than 12 hours. Revolutionary Sigma dries instantly to a richer black without heat and adheres to many previously challenging substrates. Increased stability gives individual cartridges a shelf life of 24 months.

  • Solv-Jet (TSK-247703)

    • Formulated to print onto difficult substrates. When compared to our Bear solvent ink (TSK2039), you can expect a darker image, improved long-term recovery, improved adhesion to plastics, equal dry time, and the ability to print readable text and barcodes on foils and plastic wraps.

  • Sirius (TSK250003)

    • Formulated to print onto the same difficult substrates as the Solv-Jet (TSK2300), with the added benefit of increased adhesion. When compared to our Solv-Jet solvent ink (TSK2300), you can expect improved long-term recovery, higher optical density, and adherence to more substrates.


Water-Solvent Hybrid Inks

  • Max3 (TWK-1396)

    • A water/solvent-based ink that prints on non-porous substrates including Tyvek, PVC, aqueous, and plastic cards. This fast-drying ink produces a quality image that is smudge resistant to a variety of media. *US Patent #US7789955

  • Max UV (TWW1406)

    • An invisible ink that is only visible under an ultra violet light. This ink can be used on non-porous substrates including Tyvek, PVC, aqueous, and plastic cards.



  • 14 Standard Water-based Colors

  • MAX Water/Solvent-based Colors

  • Bear Solvent-based Colors

  • Color Matching is Available for Virtually any Pantone Color

  • Max Colors are also available

Typical Markets and Industries Served

  • Direct Mail

  • Product labeling

  • Addressing

  • Product identification

Available Packaging Configuration

  • Cartridges

  • High-capacity bottles and bladders.

Rethink how you ink

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Kao Collins and HP

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SIGMA is a solvent-based ink formulated


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