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labeling solutions.

Quality and reliability.

Collamat® is focused on providing labeling solutions with simple constructions, easy handling, and professional design.

Quality means reliability.

Collamat® has been producing labeling machines since 1958. We have sold over 80,000 machines and solutions in over 40 different countries. This was made possible by putting quality first and because total reliability is what our customers want from our machines and solutions.

Close to the customer, close to the market.

We want to be close to our customers and the market. Close to the customer to ensure we provide the quality and service they expect. Close to the market to keep up to date with the new requirements and expectations.

A cohesive value chain means reliable delivery.

By bringing R&D, production, service, and sales under one roof in Switzerland, we have control over the entire value chain. What that means for our customers is that we can guarantee the quality, delivery on time and the level of service expected. 

Sales throughout the world.

We have successfully been represented on the world market since 1960. This has been possible because we listen, and use the inspiration and know-how a worldwide network can give to develop our products and organization. 


Our experience with the production of labeling machines goes back a long way. The first machines were launched in 1959. At that time the focus was on the Swiss market and the strategy was called "Swiss quality for the Swiss market". The market developed quickly. The spread of product labeling and the later introduction of barcodes increased the need for labeling solutions. Demand developed in all industries but demanded different solutions. Collamat® has been able to develop such solutions, and even today, many industries are still buying their labeling solutions from us.

1899 – Foundation of the company Jean Steiner & Co

1959 – The name changes into Guhl & Scheibler AG

1971 – The first Collamat labeler is on the market

1996 – Acquisition of Guhl & Scheibler, by Stralfors AB, of Sweden

1998 – Collamat Stralfors AG established

2005 – Acquisition of Collamat Stralfors AG by HM Labelling A/S

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