• Collamat® C2600

    The first step.

    This labeler is the first step to an automated labeling process. The maximization of production output and quality is obvious. High reliability is achieved through a simple and robust design. Setting up the labeler on different lines and different products is very easy. Collamat® 2610 is ideal for either smaller series production runs or for advertising lettering on existing lines. And all for a very competitive price.

  • Collamat® C4300 

    The versatile one.

    The Collamat® 4300 labeler is the perfect solution for most standard applications. Its reliability leads to high availability. The Collamat® 4300 is compact and space-saving and easy to operate, i. very short instruction and very fast product change. The Collamat® 4300 has an attractive price for a reliable and accurate labeling solution. As with all Collamat® models, the modular design allows easy integration into existing production lines as well as machine configuration thanks to the variable applicators. Developed for semi-automatic or fully automatic use, the Collamat® 4300 offers the optimal solution for labeling in smaller productions with high demands on consistent functionality, accuracy, and reliability.

  • Collamat® C6600 

    The all-rounder.

    Thanks to its modular design, the Collamat® 6600 can be expanded for virtually any task. The stepper motor allows speeds of up to 30 m / min. Parameter settings with pre-setting and sticking position independent of the labeling speed allow very simple operation. With its comfort, quality and outstanding performance, it gives an optimal price-performance ratio. As with all Collamat®, the modular design allows easy integration into existing production lines, as does the versatile and customizable adapter system for a wide variety of products.

  • Collamat® C7300 

    The universal.

    The Collamat. The 7300 high-performance labeler is the perfect solution for any standard application, even at high speeds or high throughput. The Collamat® 7300 is used in all areas of industry, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, etc., to warehousing and logistics. Thanks to its proven design and sophisticated mechanical design, the Collamat® 7300 can be offered at an optimal price/performance ratio. Its reliability leads to high availability. The Collamat® 7300 is easy to use, i. very short instruction and very fast product change. The powerful motor allows dispensing speeds of up to 50 m / min, ideal for modern production lines. The Collamat® 7300 can, therefore, be easily integrated into production lines with current speeds and high requirements. It is compact and space-saving as easy to use. Another example of our motto "Simplicity is the prerequisite for reliability". Developed primarily for fully automatic use, the Collamat® 7300 offers the optimal solution for labeling in production lines with high requirements, with consistent functionality, accuracy and reliability.

  • Collamat® C8600 

    The professional system.

    With the external control unit called Monitor, you get more freedom in your production. The user-friendly menu structure, together with the storage option, allows you to make product changes in the shortest possible time and reliability. Integrated monitoring functions facilitate the monitoring and optimization of the labeling process. The Collamat® 8600 is your choice if you are looking for a labeler that offers you flexibility, high performance, best accuracy, and Swiss quality.

  • Collamat® C9100

    The Collamat® 9100 is a high-performance labeling system for labeling speeds up to 100 m / min. Thanks to the modularity, adaptation to your specific requirements can be achieved with minimal effort. The robust design not only provides high stability when the feeding label rolls up to a width of 250 mm but also allows working in harsh conditions. Great speed is nothing without reliability. The Collamat® 9100 is your choice for mass production and harsh conditions.


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