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Collamat® Etiprint

Print & Apply

The perfect solution for print on demand labeling where the last printed label gets directly onto the product. The Print & Apply system from Collamat® is rugged built and fulfills all needs of an industrial application concerning reliability, handling, and performance. The modular applicator system makes the top, bottom, left, right or over edge labeling possible with the same base module. The selection of modular applicators is continuously expanded. The modular concept involves also the printer solutions where most common print engines like Sato, Zebra, and TEC can be integrated into the unit. 

Collamat® Inline

With the Collamat® Etiprint Inline you get the best of two technologies in one unit. Applying labels with up to 50 m/min and variable printing on a high-quality level. The Collamat® technology allows you to use the printer‘s optimal performance without losing production performance. The system achieves a higher performance than usual print and applies systems concerning application speed in print performance. In addition, it has the best application accuracy. If you need flexible information in the best print quality and increased production output then you found the solution: the Collamat® Etiprint Inline.​

Collamat® Etiprint

Pallet labeller

Front- and side labeling.

Correct placement of A5/SSCC labels in compliance with GS1 Norm.

Flexible printing – designed to integrate OEM printing modules.

Swiss quality – highly durable mechanics suitable for tough conditions.

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