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Swiss Compliant SIGMA Solvent Ink CLEAN & COLORFUL

Kao Collins uses the highest quality materials for formulating our patented

SIGMA inkjet inks for printing non-food-contact surfaces of food packaging

materials using HP 45SI technology.

See SIGMA’s 5 New Colors

  • Black

  • Red

  • Yellow

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Violet

Prints on More Substrates

  • Nylon

  • OPP

  • PET

  • PVC

  • Metals

  • Glass

  • Glossy and UV Coated Papers

  • And more

12-hour Decap Time

Measured in Hours, Not Minutes

  • Significantly reduce your maintenance costs

  • Less wasted materials or unused ink

  • Reduced inkjet nozzle failure

  • Improved trajectory, volume, and velocity

24-Month Shelf Life

Ready When You Need it

  • Reduce your disposal costs

  • Reduce your ink costs

  • Get more control over your ink inventory

Always Dependable

  • Drying is fast and heatless

  • Factory-new, sealed ink cartridges mean lower VOCs

  • Reduce your equipment and maintenance costs

  • Less power consumption


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