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Laser Marking on Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) by Macsa Fiber Laser

In this Application News we are in the process of marking the central trim cover of a steering wheel, the surface to be marked is Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), a plastic compound widely used in the automotive sector, with very good resistance and durability for interior finishes. With laser marking, in this case, it gives very good contrast results that allow us to eliminate ink markings or labeling.

There are two totally different types of marking that were carried out. The first focused on the traceability of the part, using a QR code, a very common and effective marking today in the automotive world that allows a lot of information to be encoded in small spaces. The second "SRS AIRBAG" is an alternative that we propose to supplant injection molding. Since laser marking has the adaptability to be used to develop a new product, it is a marking that we categorize as aesthetic as it will be one more design element that will always be visible once the piece is placed.

Knowing the material in regards to its texture and notably its black color, the best option was the F-9020 20W fiber laser from Macsa ID. There is a very good contrast and is clearly legible regarding the QR code (placed on a smooth side), as well as the text (located on the rough finish of the piece categorized as aesthetic).

Technical data

Lens: 100x100mm

Market: Automotive

Type of application: Marking and coding

Product: Embellisher

Marking type: Static

Marking time: 0.25s

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