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iCON 3 small character laser coder

THE iCON 3 from Macsa ID is a small character laser coder aimed at the food, pharmaceutical, beverage, cosmetics and homecare markets.

This latest generation system is more reliable and efficient than its predecessor with enhancements designed to further reduce carbon footprint whilst improving coding quality.

Like all previous Macsa iCON models, the iCON 3 is ideal for businesses that have always wanted to switch to laser technology but been previously prevented by price. Clean, fast and consumable free, the iCON 3 is affordable, yet offers everything you would expect from a high performance laser coder. Macsa comments that in just over a year the laser will have cost less than an inkjet system.

The iCON 3 is suitable for a wide range of sectors. It codes cleanly and permanently on food packaging and is capable of marking water, wine, spirits and soft drink beverage containers produced from PET or glass. The iCON 3 also meets the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry and will code labels, tubes and boxes.

Macsa’s iCON 3 benefits from a number of key improvements including a new handheld terminal that is more than just a touchscreen. It is the operator’s point of access to all the functionalities of the laser and to the information related to the production line.

t is also much easier to use thanks to new, more intuitive software and visual aids in video format so that anyone can master the iCON 3 in no time without needing advanced technical knowledge.

The laser’s new Wizard reduces set up time and the operator will be able to reduce configuration by almost 90%, avoiding the trial-error system of other equipment.

Macsa’s iCON 3 incorporates a range of templates such as barcodes, expiry dates, QR codes and even datamatrix which allow the creation of messages in 50% less time than previous models.

The video tutorials of the iCON 3 handheld terminal guide the operator in the maintenance of the laser, graphically and intuitively. These are maintenance tasks that take under five minutes and optimise operational efficiencies.

Because of its size and compact design, the iCON 3 can be adapted for any production environment. Suitable for both dynamic and static applications, the new display enables easy control even when the laser is difficult to access directly.

The iCON 3 delivers a permanent lifetime mark and does not smudge. In addition, it works with most substrates including labels, cardboard boxes, plastics, glass, wood and textiles. Capable of producing unique and highly defined marks such as QR codes, the iCON 3 helps to enhance customer engagement.

The iCON 3 does not use inks or solvents. This reduces running costs as there is no need to budget for consumables. In addition, it ensures a cleaner and more hygienic working environment, and the lack of solvent related carbon emissions and harmful waste also mean that production lines will be environmentally compliant.

Macsa ID delivers advanced solutions to meet the coding, identification and traceability needs of the manufacturing industry. It is one of the five largest international companies in the laser and coding sector.

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