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Seal Inspection for food and pharmaceutical products

Cap Inspection for Food and Pharmaceutical Products

On a high-speed packaging line, non-destructive testing of seal is pivotal and tend to be cumbersome. Especially in Food and Pharmaceutical fields ‘Seal Inspection’ is the solution to the tedious, manual integrity inspection of sealed bottles.

One method for non-destructive, 100% inspection of packages is using dynamic multi spectral imaging to inspect the integrity of induction-sealed bottles. Inspection is performed through closed bottle caps without damaging the product and without reducing line speeds. Precise data can also be collected to improve quality and allow operators to detect and amend issues in real-time.

Problem: Prevent incorrectly capped induction heated foil seals on food and pharmaceutical bottles.

Solution: Since the foil is heated before appearing in front of camera, its temperature can be monitored with the help of multi spectral imaging device. Multi spectral Image can be captured to analyze the seal applied. By image processing and temperature data, incorrectly sealed bottles can be detected and removed from the line using encoder-based ejection mechanism.

TheSealCheck™, offered by USA-based company Sightech Vision Systems, is the market leader for thermal-imaging based automated heat seal inspection applications. Our technology is best-in-class.

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