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100% Heat Seal Inspection by TheSealCheck™ | IR Thermography

Advantages of TheSealCheck - TheSealCheck™ Benefits100% Inspection of heat seals on: Check every bottle/container caps, bag, tray, etc.

Non-contact / Non-destructive testing (NDT)... Reduce product damage.

IR Thermography...'See' in an entirely new manner - without extra labor costs and/or damaging product.

Affordable solution...Lower your cost with simple installation, economical operation, and a competitively priced system.

Verify seals on a range of products...Check seals on bags, pouches, bottle-caps, trays, and other packages.

Compatible with a wide range of sealing equipment...Use with heat-bars, heat rollers, inductive, flow wrappers, and ultra-sonic sealing systems.

Simple install, small footprint...Preserve line configuration and keep line operating during installation.

Quick changeover - no adjustments needed...Choose new product type - as simple as that.

Line operation statistics (failure trends, temperatures, etc.)...Monitor critical process changes that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Accuracy of 1/15th degree Fahrenheit...ualify small thermal pattern changes.

Fast...Operate you line at speeds as high as 200 PPM!

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