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Print and Verification for flat carton handling unit

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

The solution is designed especially for in-line or offline printing and verification of flat pharmaceutical packagings, such as unfolded boxes, cardboard, sleeves, pouches and blister packs. The system is a modular design comprised of feeding-, transport-, diverting and exit sections. The design provides a high level of freedom in how a system can be configured.

The HSAJET® Print and Verification system is the control centre of the solution, providing full control of print, verification, eject and machine interface from one single touch monitor.

The system is configurable with multiple feeder choices.

The modular design provides options for friction, shuttle or vacuum feeder. The changeover between different feeders is easily achieved.

With this heavy-duty unit, perfect print quality is ensured, due to the precise transport of the product. Products are transported along the conveyor by 5 belts, while 4 vacuum chambers are holding the products in the same belt position from entry to exit. Speed is variable and controlled from the touch interface.

The units are available in anodized aluminium or stainless steel finish. The transport section is sized to accommodate a label applicator.

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