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Thermal Inkjet Printers ideal for pharmaceutical printing by HSAjet, Denmark

With a variety of inkjet coding printers available in the market, thermal Inkjet Printer also known as bubble jet printers are popularly used in low-cost and high speed printing.

As the name suggests, the machine uses thermal energy or electricity to heat ink and apply on the required medium. In the thermal inkjet printer, tiny resistors create heat that vaporizes ink to create bubble. As the bubble expands, some of the ink is pushed out through the nozzle on to the printing material. A typical thermal inkjet printer has between 300-600 nozzles; all of them can print a drop simultaneously.

The thermal inkjet coding machine is extremely simple to use and is suitable for seasonal businesses. Similar to desktop printers, the only thing the operator needs to ensure is that there are cartridges. The thermal inkjet printer is equipped with a visual user interface and large touchscreen that makes it easier for operators to use.

Thermal Inkjet Printers features non-contact printing technology and can print at high speed on wide range of different packaging materials like shipper cartons and hence are reliable and cost-effective.

With this printer, the material is in motion and the space allows the operator to present the printhead to the product. Due to this, the Thermal Inkjet Printers are ideal for vertical/flow-wrapping printing, cartons, bags, labelling, horizontal form fill seal and pharmaceutical printing.

Thanks to the recent development in print head cartridges and technology, the thermal inkjet can print onto a wide-range of non-porous and also porous packing material.

It is crucial to note that the thermal transfer printers can print labels that stand up to extreme environments, for example durable labels. Due to its cartridge-based technology, Control Print’s thermal inkjet printers are virtually maintenance free and it takes less than a minute to replace the cartridge and continue with printing in case of a printer failure. Thermal Inkjet Printers are one of the most cost-effective printers that can print resolution up to 600dpi.

With its high-quality prints, the thermal inkjet printers bring out the best elements for printing on products. It is an ideal solution for high-resolution printing for pharmaceutical industry and for shipping carton coding.

If you are looking to print a lot of information on small spaces, thermal inkjet printers ought to deliver high-quality prints for the same with an optimal balance between print quality and running costs. With the availability of high-capacity cartridge, the printing costs reduce by further 45%.


We offer a large range of inks suitable for print on different types of pharmaceutical packaging; coated and uncoated cartons, blisters, labels, tyvec, etc.

Our ink cartridges for pharmaceutical packaging provide a high quality image that qualifies for camera verification.


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