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Maximizing productivity through intelligent CO2 laser specification

Laser marking systems are becoming more commonly selected as a solution for printing variable data onto packaging in many medium and large sized companies. As the use of laser marking increases in popularity, users may experience difficulties understanding how to differentiate between the various products and offerings.

Manufacturers can maximize efficiency and productivity by using a customized laser solution that meets their specific application needs.

Selecting the right technology for a marking or coding application can be a difficult task. Not only does the chosen technology need to be reliable, provide quality codes and help maximize production line uptime, it also needs to ensure high productivity.

Specifying a laser to an exact coding application typically requires careful consideration of a number of parameters, although a common misconception is that the laser power alone defines the suitability of a laser to a particular application.

Define laser productivity:

- Influence on marking speed and code quality

- Mechanical integration flexibility (reduce downtime during mechanical install and changeover)

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