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Coding & Marking in the Food Market | Macsa ID

In the food industry, packaged food manufacturers (ice cream and daily products, snacks, frozen products, ready meals, teas and coffees, sugar, eggs, etc.) need to code their products and packaging. Code specifications will depend on national legislation, but usually the batch number and the expiry date must be included.

Macsa ID provides safe solutions to print and apply food Labels onto products, carry out quality laser coding on packaging or on food directly, as well as inkjet marketing on food containers or trays.

At Macsa ID we have solutions to code on materials such as paper, cardboard, glass and plastic, food film, cans, as well as on the product itself, such as on fruit and vegetables or on eggshells.

In addition to this, our equipment allows the coding process to be integrated with other processes such as pre-cutting for snack bags or micro-perforation of strawberry boxes, among others. This helps to significantly increase productivity.

Macsa equipment and solutions use a software program specially created for food chains, which helps to guarantee safety for consumers by controlling trace ability effectively.

At Macsa , our goal is to always offer robust and reliable solutions that provide high quality marking, cleanliness and safety while ensuring low maintenance costs.

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