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Coding in the Dairy Industry

The right solution for supply chain management and product identification.

A New Zealand dairy producer has chosen inkanto Thermal Transfer wax resin ribbon APR®600 to meet their coding requirements based on print quality, reliability and cost per print. This ribbon is used in a wide range of consumer dairy products, which needs to meet the rigorous food labelling requirements for many different markets around the globe. The labels material is the standard paper label with a slight gloss finish.

Initially using a Direct Thermal application they found that the results weren’t up to standard causing barcode unreadability which resulted in supply chain rejections, along with increasing costs of printer maintenance due to consistent print head replacement.

Switching to inkanto APR®600 Thermal Transfer ribbon solved all of these issues immediately, improving barcode readability, reducing supply chain rejections, and increasing the life of the printers themselves by protecting the print heads from wear. Not to mention that the cost per print was ultimately no greater than when using a direct thermal printing method.

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