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Getting Here


The Sriprasit group was established in 1949 as a pharmaceutical importer. In 1975, under the auspices of Sriprasit Pharma co., ltd. we entered the manufacturing realms. Later, SPS Medical co., ltd. was established as a distributor for the local market. In 2012, our new pharmaceutical production plant was built on a 24 - acre-sized property situated in the Krathumbaen district of Samutsakhon province with GMP certification from the Thai FDA.

In March 2015, we were certified with International GMP-PIC/S by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, a participating authority of the PIC/S as well as GMP-PIC/S from Thai FDA in October 2015. To ensure the quality standard, our laboratory was certified with ISO 17025 by the Bureau of Laboratory Quality Standards (BLQS) of the Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health.

We also take great pride in attaining the ISO 9001: 2015 certification. This applies to all elements involved in the production and quality system. Sriprasit Group is ready to step forward to serve domestic and international pharmaceutical markets.

Why we won?

Coding is a key part of everyday business and especially pharmaceutical products. It affects every area of our lives and every industry. The more diverse, colorful, and comfortable our everyday lives become, the more variety there is among the products our customers and partners will print with our systems, now and in the future.

Today, good coding is evidence of quality for product safety and consumers. We are aware of this and take on this responsibility every day. After all, coding stands for trust.

HSAJET TIJ Printers are replacing roller coding that its limited function. The customer has several substrates and production lines. They are looking for the printers can be handle on all their products and price have to reasonable as well. Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) is the first priority that they had considered. For blister pack printing, they have some quality issues when printed pass through the heat sealing station, and then the ink will come out. SIGMA solvent ink from KaoCollins can be achieved for this application it is good high-temperature resistance that's why we are the winner for this case.

Large range of inks for pharmaceutical packaging.
We offer a large range of inks suitable for print on different types of pharmaceutical packaging; coated and uncoated cartons, blisters, labels, tyvec, etc. 
Our ink cartridges for pharmaceutical packaging provide a high-quality image that qualifies for camera verification.

About the MiniKey HSAJET Printer


The MiniKey is an out-of-the-box unit. Place an ink cartridge in the head, connect power, and print instantly by pushing a button. New layouts are easily made straight from the keyboard or loaded from a USB key or via a LAN or RS232 connection. The basic unit comes with a ½” printhead with a built-in product sensor. The MiniKey can control up to 2" print height.

The HSAJET® MiniKey is available with an integrated 1 or 2-pen printhead mounted on the side of the unit. Instead – or if the additional print height is required – the MiniKey can be delivered with remote printheads of 1 or 2 pens. Having two printheads enables double-sided printing.

Pharmaceutical TIJ Printers: Legibility and contrast are crucial for regulatory and traceability codes and high read rate barcodes on pharmaceutical and medical device packaging. Videojet TIJ printers offer superior print quality with the clean, no-mess operation and solid-state electronics requiring no controller maintenance. They allow for more complex coding options and the ability to print linear barcodes, alternate fonts, logos, and 2-dimensional codes such as GS1 DataMatrix and QR codes

Key Product Benefits

  • High resolution at the highest speeds

  • Small footprint

  • Efficient ink system

  • Improved line efficiency

  • Simple to use

  • No hidden cost

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