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Inspection by artificial vision of envelopes, trays and sliced packages



Verification of the seal, labels, printing, barcode reading and general appearance

Artificial vision system with three cameras to inspect envelopes or thermoformed, sliced, and closed.

The system consists of 2 segments of belt conveyor, one after the other, separated by a certain distance between them.

For the first opening, the lower part of the envelope is inspected, by means of a camera with backlight illumination on the upper part of the conveyor.

The main mission is to inspect for transparency, the product that has been able to invade the sealing zone and in general welding defects, whether chimneys or cannulas and breaks.

  • Maximum processing capacity: 300 packages/min

  • Inspection area: adaptable to the envelope format

  • Max. of programs (formats): unlimited

  • Max. Analysis (windows): unlimited


  • 1 camera CMOS b/n de 1,3 Mp. (standard equipment)

  • Adjustable high performance LED lighting system

  • IP67 stainless steel enclosure for cameras

  • Latest generation INTEL processor

  • Windows 10 based computer system and interface

  • 17 ”TFT touch screen for operator communication

  • Keyboard with mouse

  • USB, Ethernet

  • Container position control by sensor and encoder


  • Easy installation on existing conveyor

  • Robust, compact, and rugged design

  • Maintenance-free

  • Long life and fast amortization system

  • Intuitive use interface

  • Quick and easy format and product changes

  • Parameter set and tolerances supported for each format

  • Remote control via internet and remote diagnosis

  • Real-time production statistics

  • Rejection signal management. E2M offers a wide range of defective packaging rejection systems

Rejection device for envelopes or thermoformed food content. Product expulsion by:

  • Soplado

  • Drag

  • Trapdoor


  • General Package Inspection

  • General measures

  • Die-cutting or contour cuts, free of cracks

  • Important deformations in its contour

  • Pieces of leftover material, not completely cut


  • Presence

  • Identification, according to patterns

  • Integrity

  • Positioned X Y of the film with respect to the envelope or container, according to patterns

  • Important spots on the surface


  • Weld continuity failures

  • Invasion of the product in the welding zone

  • Identification of folds (cannulas or chimneys)

  • Bubble identification on the sealing surface

IMPRESSIONS AND MARKS (on labels or on film)

  • Bar-code Verification

  • Reading significant digits

  • Reading differentiation impressions, such as “gluten-free”

  • In the case of printing data such as the price per kilo, weight, price, etc. you can check the concordance

  • Verification of ink markings, such as preferred consumption and batch


  • Presence, position, inclination, identification, markings, breaks on both sides of the container, front and back

  • Product inspection contained in the envelope

  • Presence, occupied area, distribution or distribution, identification

What Does A VISIOSLICED Team Do?

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