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Proportional soft rejection / stable pneumatic splitter



The Multistep System offers several versions of rejection and / or guidance for your production line

It moves the containers that circulate on a conveyor, smoothly and without losing their stability, by means of a mechanism composed of a cylinder, a proportional solenoid valve, and a shovel. The ejector/diverter element is the shovel, which is always prepared by rubbing the containers that pass while waiting for the order of action. Upon receipt, push and accompany the container to another lane. A speed and acceleration profile is established according to the characteristics of the package: these parameters are programmed by the user to adapt them to new products and are stored in non-volatile memory with a number for each container in production.


  • Measures: 200x300x700mm on the conveyor, including the control rack

  • Production capacity: Up to 70,000 containers / hour

  • Maximum weight of the containers: 8Kg.

  • Governed by a microprocessor to control all parameters

  • 2 ramps for acceleration, deceleration, approach speed, maximum speed, etc.

  • Everything is programmable and memorizable for each container in production


  • Silent system

  • Easy installation on existing conveyor

  • Compact and robust design.

  • Minimal preventive maintenance

  • Water jet cleaning for lines with dripping dairy or sticky content

  • Long life and fast amortization system

  • High accuracy

Cascade connection to get any selection or distribution
Any additional automation
Adaptable to E2M or other manufacturer inspection systems
Options bottles, boxes, large volumes, etc.

What Does A Proportional Team Do?

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