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TIJ Date Printer for Beverage Industry

BEVERAGE INDUSTRY | “Drink me.” That’s the impact soft drink, wine, craft beer, and energy-drink companies want from their brand and packaging.

Typical products:

  • Beverage shrink wraps

  • Glass beer bottles

  • Soda bottles

  • Aluminum can

  • Paper drink cups

  • Plastic milk crates

  • Coffee press

  • Corrugated wine bottle carrier

  • Juice pouches

Available Ink Types: Solvent Base-Dye


  • Contains VOCs

  • Durable

  • Fade-resistant

  • Fast curing

  • High contrast

  • High optical density

  • Low or no heat curing

  • Smudge resistant

  • Some formulations perform well in humid printing conditions

  • Various solvent formulations available

Works with substrates that are:

  • Print on curved products with specific inks and printhead technology

  • Prints on glossy and matte coated stocks

  • Non-porous materials, especially metals, plastics and glass

  • Products exposed to environmental conditions

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