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Solvent Black Ink | Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) | HSAJET® K4054si

Exceptional decap | Fast dry time | Superior shelf life | HSAJET® K4054si | Solvent Base Ink

Frigg is the solvent ink you have been waiting for!

Like no other solvent ink on the market, our new HSAJET® K4054si Frigg Black Solvent Ink provides high-performance results on a wider variety of difficult, non-porous substrates, such as coated carton and UV laminated paper, OPP, PVC, PET, nylon and metal.

High performance and reduced maintenance costs

Thanks to the incredible long decap time and the extended shelf life compared to other solvent inks, waste and maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum.

By opting for HSAJET® K4054si Frigg Black Solvent Ink you get:

  • 12-hour decap time

  • Fast dry time

  • 24-month shelf life

  • Deeper black and more crisp prints

  • Light-fast, heat and water-resistant prints

Frigg answers your customers' need for strong and lasting print results on challenging surfaces.

Choose wisely - Choose Frigg.

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