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Small is the new big: thechallenges presented byon-the-go snack food

The challenges presented to snack bar manufacturers are growing bigger. Printing in a precise and small area at high speeds is challenging enough, not to mention keeping the entire line running without stopping for printing errors.

Through an overall understanding of the product, packaging substrates, operating speeds and regulatory requirements, an expert supplier in coding and marking can turn those big challenges into small ones, which allows manufacturers to concentrate on the important business of production and to continue to provide consumers with convenient and healthy snack options.

Snack bars are mostly packaged with flexible films, which can be printed on before product packaging in flow wrapping machines. In this instance, Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) are the ideal solution. TTO printers use a high-resolution printhead and thermal transfer ribbon to create high quality, clear images at speeds of up to 550 packages per minute.

TTO’s high-resolution printheads can print logos, graphics and barcodes. This can be a significant advantage, as it enables manufacturers to hold less pre-printed packaging stock keeping units (SKUs) as they can print ondemand.

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