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Printing on carton packs by HSA Thermal Inkjet Printers

Printing on carton packs

High quality, cost effective coding solutions that keep pace with the toughest production demands and legislative requirements.

Clear, accurate labelling is essential if pharmaceutical products are to be tracked, distributed and used correctly – making the information printed on a carton arguably as important as its contents. The same principle applies as this carton moves through the packaging process – from carton pack to pallet.

Our world-class printing, coding & marking and labelling solutions offer a complete product solution that can help you meet the legislative requirements applicable to each packaging level. Our range of HSA thermal inkjet printers (TIJ) can mark both products and cartons with high quality human and machine readable text, graphics and 2D Data Matrix codes – even when dealing with complex materials and fast production speeds.

All of our printing solutions are designed to maximise flexibility and minimise maintenance requirements – allowing them to be integrated into any production and packaging environment. HSA TIJ solution will make sure you remain compliant – without compromising on cost, quality and performance.

Our easy to use, flexible, and reliable software and service products are easy to integrate with existing coding and labelling technologies.

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