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Marking and coding solutions for Chemical Products

Code on almost anything

Many specialty and fine chemicals come in unique containers, based on brand differentiation strategies as well as product use and dispense method. Ensure a high quality, consistent code, no matter what the container design, by choosing the optimal coding technology for your specialized package.

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ)

  • Versatile coding solution for almost any substrate, size or color requirement

  • Configurable with a 62 micron nozzle to deliver code in small areas

  • Mistake-proof, mess-free ink and solvent refilling while printing

Laser Marking Systems

  • High-resolution scribing technology provides excellent code resolution

  • Variety of marking fields for varying product sizes and line speeds

  • Clear codes, logos and text etch into glass packaging helping to ensure permanence and protection

Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ)

  • High resolution, ink-based printing with no wear parts, minimizing maintenance and related downtime

  • Water and light solvent inks are available for porous substrates

  • HP2590 & IQ800 Plus MEK-based inks for excellent adhesion on non-porous substrates

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