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At TFL various chemical containers are labeled with Hermes C systems

Hermes C is the youngest member of the cab product line. It has been designed to print two-color labels and dispense the labels on products or packaging. The print and apply system had its initial industrial application at TFL France. Today, several Hermes C systems ensure that bags and barrels leave the company site compliant to all valid regulations. Contents of the containers: chemical substances for leather production. Destination of the containers: tanneries all over Europe.

Powder and liquid mixtures for the depilation, fleshing and dressing of animal skins and for their tanning have to be registered according to REACH. As regards their labeling, the CLP regulation and GHS demand standardized icons. Imperfectly printed danger symbols, for example blank rhombs, are not permitted. With Hermes C it is possible to mark all shapes of packaging with two colors in one operation. At TFL France in Huningue bags, barrels and the product assurance with stretch foil on the pallets need labeling.

Labeling on bags

We start our on-site tour at a packaging line in which a salt mixture is filled in 25 kilogram bags. The mixture is later used as an alkalizing agent in chrome tanning.

Labels are applied to the empty bags directly in the line via Hermes C with stroke applicator and a tamp pad. In detail this is as follows: The tamp pad is positioned above the peel-off plate. The label is held by the applicator during the printing process. A short stroke cylinder turns the pad to the labeling position. By means of the stroke cylinder the label is placed on the bag. The cylinder stroke defines the maximum distance from the peel-off plate to the bag.

Labeling on barrels

We go to another hall to see another type of container and physical state of materia. At a filling line 200 liter plastic barrels are passing by on a conveyor belt. The labels on the barrels display Borron® LB, a complexing agent used in the wet process in a beamhouse. Each barrel that arrives at the labeling station has already been automatically filled in the line, provided with a lid and sLabeling on barrels requires different demands on Hermes C. Each barrel needs to be marked with two labels, not from top but from the side. Hence, Hermes C has been horizontally mounted. A roll-on pad has been chosen as transfer module, because the barrels to be marked are round objects. The roll-on pad sets the left margin of the label to the barrel. At the same time the rotary table, on which the barrel stands on the conveyor belt at this moment, starts to rotate. During the rotational movement, the label is completely rolled on the barrel.

From here, the barrels are further conveyed to be finally loaded on pallets. The pallet is sealed and secured with foil and the bundle gets likewise labeled for transport.

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