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Best in class coding performance for returnable glass bottles by Linx Ink 1068

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Designed for the 8900 Series of CIJ printers, it provides a major new opportunity to win sales in soft drink and alcoholic beverage


Key Features

  • Superior adhesion performance after ice water immersion and refrigeration

  • Code can be removed using caustic wash and additives

  • Fast-drying time of 1-2 seconds, black dye MEK base

  • Operating temperature range 10-45 degrees C

  • Improved performance compared to other Linx inks - 1055, 1056 and 1058

  • Better adhesion performance in trials compared to other suppliers’ “wet bottle” inks


- Coding onto soft drinks and alcoholic beverage glass bottles

- Provides very good adhesion when used with air knife on bottles where condensation is present

- Especially good for cold- filled glass bottles in humid environments

- Codes are removable for returnable glass bottles

- Good for coding onto returnable glassbottles at breweries that need pasteurisation after coding

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