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Linx 8920 Traversing System for CIJ Printer | Food and Beverage Industries

Traversing Inkjet System

PT Asia's Traversing Inkjet Printing System is designed to be used with any multi row packaging application.

Utilizing a single or dual inkjet printheads, these head motion systems automatically print multiple rows of packages in both web directions: with the web, across the web or a combination of both. It’s the perfect solution for all multi-lane applications.

Fully programmable, these printing systems have the capability to print barcodes, lot numbers and time date serialization. With the ability to print up to 5 lines of type with a single printhead the inkjet solution offers a great variety of print options to meet your particular need.

Usually Linx CIJ Printers are used with this system for adding text or barcodes to multiple packs, but HP inkjet printers, thermal transfer printers or laser heads can be traversed as well.

The Linx 8900 series is designed for printing across the web with a single or dual printheads and can traverse the printhead in both the x (across the web) and y (in line with film feed) directions. Both standard and high speed versions of the traversing systems are available.

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