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Laser marking on PMMA methacrylate

Laser marking on PMMA methacrylate

Laser marking on polymethyl methacrylate thermoplastic polymer (PMMA) is very common in the automotive market, especially in car headlight production, due to its high transparency, aesthetics and scratch resistance.

With the Macsa D-5000 UV laser we achieve a lasting, readable and permanent marking, thus ensuring that the processes and environments to which the part is subjected do not damage the coding.

The marking of the datamatrix codes must be clear and in high definition so that it can be read during the manufacturing processes and not lose the internal traceability of the part throughout the process. The DPSS UV laser has the perfect wavelength (355 nanometers) to achieve high contrast markings on transparent polymers like this, without the need for chemical additives.

Laser: Macsa D-5000  UV

Lens: 100 x 100 Market: Automotive Application type: Codification Product: Light diffuser Material: PMMA Marking type: Static Marking time:  1.93 sec.

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