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Enercon Earns Certification in Amazon Supplier Network (APASS)

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce it has earned certification as a member of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) network.

“So many of Enercon’s customers sell through ecommerce channels and our team is committed to supporting their unique needs. Becoming certified and understanding Amazon’s mission to promote frustration-free packaging and minimize packaging waste helps us better serve our customers,” says Enercon VP Sales Ryan Schuelke.

Enercon’s induction cap sealers prevent leaks and preserve product integrity from packaging line to consumer. “A capped container’s journey through an ecommerce channel is much more unprotected than the controlled journey a retail distribution channel offers. Therefore, achieving a perfect seal on every container is chiefly important for the brand owner, packager, consumer and the distribution network that touches the product,” says Schuelke.

Enercon’s cap sealing technology is used by major corporations on high-speed packaging lines, as well as those businesses getting started out of their garage. Sealing is effective for all types of products including chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage, dairy, cosmetics, health care and more. To help packagers optimize their caps and containers for sealing, Enercon offers free laboratory testing and partners with leading induction liner, container and cap suppliers.

As Amazon values education, so does Enercon. The company offers free webinars and custom training programs to ensure packagers will always achieve a perfect seal. “It’s more than just knowing how to operate the equipment; we take a holistic approach with our customers to ensure they understand all the application variables that can impact sealing success,” says Enercon Product Manager Jeff LaGrange.

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