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Tropicana’s Clear PET Containers Incorporate Induction Seal

Packaging World Magazine reports on a comprehensive packaging overhaul where Tropicana replaces several gabletop cartons & white HDPE containers with clear PET featuring induction seals.

“Packaging is central to what we do, and right now we’re in a big, big packaging transformation.” That’s how vice president of marketing Memo Maquivar of PepsiCo’s Tropicana Products Division describes Tropicana’s carefully coordinated and lovingly executed move to clear PET containers for all four sizes of its Tropicana Pure Premium (TPP) brand.

“In addition to aesthetics and functionality, even the resin we use brings us an advantage because consumers care about recyclability,” says Maquivar. “Besides, with everything we do here we try to improve our sustainability status, and this is one more example of that.”

Referred to internally as “Project Inspiration,” the packaging transformation of the TPP brand has been about three years in the making. It started with early investigation by Packaging R&D, followed by building a business case, re-tooling the supply chain, modifying the packaging equipment in the plants, and finally, consumer launch.

Maquivar sums it all up this way: “It’s a long-term commitment where the Pure Premium brand is concerned, and it was based on a lot of consumer insights.”

Enercon Super Seal™ Max high speed induction cap sealers are employed to seal several of the applications.

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