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Datamatrix laser marking on automotive components

Datamatrix laser marking on automotive components

Engineering plastics are widely used in the automotive world. They possess properties such as wear resistance, flame resistance and light weight that make the material ideal for applications in different parts of vehicles, specific variants can be developed to meet the needs of specific applications.

For marking technical plastics, one of the best marking technologies is MOPA laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm, and programmable pulse width, high contrast marks can be produced with minimal thermal impact on the material.

In the application shown above a Datamatrix code and a string of alphanumeric characters has been produced using a 20W device with a 160×160 mm lens that allows the marking of multiple parts at the same time. The marking time of each part is 1.1 seconds.

The result is maximum contrast marking that ensures reliable code.

Technical data

Laser: Macsa F-9020 MOPA

Lens: 160 x 160mm

Market: Automotive

Application Type: Traceability

Product: Automotive Components

Material: Plastic

Type of marking: Static

Marking time: 1,1 s.

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