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Laser marking on steel valves

History of the company

Founded by Robert Zell in Detroit Michigan in 1946, BrassCraft Manufacturing Company, a MASCO owned company, is one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of high-quality and innovated plumbing products for the new construction and repair and remodel markets.


BrassCraft was using Continuous Ink Coders (CIJ) for 8 years until, due to a requirement from Home Depot in Mexico, requiring all suppliers to supply items with permanent markings, BrassCraft had to look for an alternative to his current marking system.

They wanted to find a laser providing them:

• a permanent mark

• a great print quality

• a turnkey solution,

• minimal maintenance

• ease of use

To do this, they considered different coding and marking systems on the market, Macsa id lasers among them.

Macsa id Solution

The solution suggested by Macsa id consists of a SPA- F 9020 Pulsed laser system, standing out for its:

• excellent print quality

• protected electronics

• scalability for future enhancements

• because it is compact, integrated and a turnkey solution

The SPA F series lasers range codes and marks product information without damaging the substrate, at very high speeds while maintaining excellent definition.

By the installed solution, our customer produces an average of 60 pieces per minute (172,800 units a week), running continuously 8 hours a day, 6 days a week.

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