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Coding packaging for the Pharmaceutical industry | UV Laser by Macsa ID

If we think about the importance of traceability and safety of the production processes that are currently carried out, we may not find an industry where they are more valuable than in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. As a result, the new directives adopted by the EU and the USA are compulsory for identification purposes.

In this case, we have made the marking of a bi-material plastic container, following the European directive FMD 2011/62/EU, consisting of a datamatrix code of 10x10 mm and four lines of text. The marking has been performed with an ultraviolet light DPSS laser, with a wavelength of 355 nm and a power of 5W.

The result is a high contrast and defined mark with a very short marking time that allows full product traceability in a high capacity manufacturing line. In this case, not only is the marking capacity of the container important, but also the subsequent marking verification. For this reason, Macsa ID provides integral solutions to manufacturers that take into account both the marking process and its verification by means of artificial vision techniques.

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