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Coding & Marking Solutions by HSAJET® TIJ Printer | Automotive Industry

HSA System Thermal Inkjet Printer for Automotive Industry

Automotive manufacturers turn to HSA TIJ printers for robust coding systems to satisfy a myriad of complex packaging requirements. They seek solutions that offer traceability, inventory control, and technology innovation.

HSAJET® industrial coders leverage HP THERMAL INKJET TECHNOLOGY in a customizable printer for high-volume manufacturers who print and code packages in multiple sizes for multiple customers. The HP inks are available water/solvent/dye based.


HSAJET® allows Automotive manufacturers the ability to maximize their responsiveness and minimize the impact of vehicle recalls due to faulty parts The financial impact for the manufacturer of a defective part can be huge; not only recall costs, but perhaps also fines, loss of share value and reputational damage. Direct part marking, combined with effective vision systems, can make the traceability process both easy and reliable.

Coding and marking also assists with the battle against counterfeit parts. HSAJET® delivers scannable barcodes, and invisible anti-counterfeiting inks with unique taggants. These technologies help thwart the prevalence of fake brake pads, tires, suspension components, steering linkages and other accessories being distributed to consumers.

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