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Cap Seal for Beverage Bottles, Food Containers & Dairy Products

Induction cap sealing beverage, food and dairy containers is highly recommended to ensure product integrity from factory to the consumer. Induction seals are an economical and effective packaging method to preserve freshness, prevent leaks and deter tampering for products which are to be consumed by your customer.

The hermetic seal created by Enercon cap sealers prevents oxygen and moisture from contaminating your product through the mouth of the container. Oxidation and moisture are known to degrade product quality. Sealing also safeguards against leaks caused by physical damage to the cap and from exposure to diverse environments during shipping. This enables products to meet packaging requirements for e-commerce distribution channels and massive retail outlets.

Induction sealing is widely used to seal capped sauces, dressings, ketchup, mustard, seasonings, peanut butters, snacks, nuts, pretzels, powdered drinks, teas, sports drinks, coffees, teas, orange juice, milk, & many other similar products.

Enercon helps thousands of food, beverage and dairy packagers implement induction sealing into their production lines. Some of these companies have eliminated tear bands and reduced their packaging cost with the use of an induction seal.

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