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Linx inks and fluids are manufactured following rigorous Quality Assurance process and controls, providing maximum printer uptime and reliability

Linx General Purpose Black Inks.jpg

Linx General Purpose Black Inks

Our range of general-purpose black inks gives outstanding performance on most common materials, ideal for most general external packaging applications.

Blue Grade ink Linx.jpg

Food Grade Inks

Containing only edible raw materials conforming to regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or the European Union (EU).

removable ink cij printer bottling ink.j

Process Specific Inks

Designed for more challenging applications where the substrate is subjected to additional processes e.g. steam sterilisation or chemical washes.

Coloured Inks for Pale Substrates.jpg

Coloured Inks for Pale Substrates

Dye-based inks that provide a strong contrast with a range of coloured substrates.  For better code legibility or can be used to match packaging branding for discreet coding. 

Linx Special Adherence Inks.jpg

Linx Special Adherence Inks

Designed for applications where production processes may challenge the adherence or durability of other inks. Inks for coding onto plastics and plastic films such as nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene (including untreated OPP and BOPP), and polyvinylchloride.

wire extrude cable marking by CIJ printe

Linx Contrasting Inks

A range of pigmented inks which deliver vivid codes, in a variety of colours, onto a range of materials including rubbers, plastics and metals. They also offer good heat tolerance, light-fastness and resistance to solvents. 

Security (UV Readable) Inks.jpg

Security (UV Readable) Inks

Inks which are near invisible in normal light but fluoresce violet or red under UV light. Suitable for anti-counterfeiting and other discreet coding applications.

Inks and Fluids

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