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LINX 8900

Designed to make operation and efficiency easier than ever.

Key benefits

  • Flexible coder prints up to 6 lines of text, numbers, barcodes and logos

  • Simple self-service with up to two years between services - no engineer required

  • Quick-change fluid cartridges

  • IP55-rated stainless steel enclosure as standard with IP65 option

  • Real-time output measurement and line stoppage logs

  • Range of ink types and colours for both consumer and industrial marking

  • Date freezing for batch printing – ideal for 24/7 operations

  • Variable character spacing improves vision system recognition

  • Prompts to ensure correct date and text is added to message

  • Simple to insert text or logos into messages

  • Linx Printernet enabled - remote monitoring and control of Linx 8900 printers via a secure, cloud-based service


Linx 8900

Prints 3 lines of code from 1.8mm to 8.8mm high and operates at speeds up to 2.92m/s.

Linx 8940

6-line coder designed for the most challenging coding applications, with  IP65 rating for reliable operation.  Print speeds up to 9.10m/s.

Linx 8910

Prints 3 lines of code up to 20mm high for carton coding/retail-ready packaging, and operates at speeds up to 7.28m/s.

Linx 8920

6-line coding, includes carton code printing up to 20mm,  and fast line speed of up to 7.28m/s as standard

Technical Specifications

Printing capability

  • Up to 6 lines of text, symbols, numbers, barcodes

  • Data Matrix and QR codes

  • Character height from 1.8mm to 20mm

  • Maximum print speeds of up to 9.10m/s

  • Carton coding option with character height up to 20mm

  • Rotated character (‘tower’) printing

Programming features

  • Screen with icons, drag-and-drop field positioning, and zoom function for longer messages

  • Custom date and time editor to create different date formats as required

  • USB port for copy and back-up of message and printer settings, and for easy transfer of messages between printers, and downloading of output and line stoppage logs

  • Message store of up to 1000

  • Real-time output measurement on screen

  • Output and line stoppage logs

  • Screen saver shows real-time on/off target indication

  • Customisable top screen for most frequently used features

Physical characteristics

  • 10” colour touch screen

  • Stainless steel enclosure

  • IP55 (washdown) as standard

  • 2m conduit as standard, with 4m and 6m options

  • Weight 24kg

  • No factory air required

  • Ethernet port, with optional RS232 and Parallel I/O ports for easier integration with line equipment


8900 Video

8900 Print Samples Guide

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Linx 8920

Powerhaul International


Linx 8940

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