LINX 8900


Powerhaul International

Linx 8900 signals its high quality


Dorset-based Powerhaul International is a longestablished logistics and shipping company that provides specialised services to the commercial and military explosive industries.

The Linx 8900 ink jet printer is being used to print an expiry date onto German-manufactured marine distress flares for the leisure yachting sector.


A variety of flare types, shapes and sizes are printed immediately before distribution in the UK. This ensures the flares carry the strict industry-standard guarantee of four years, after which time the distress signal’s light and colour – of paramount importance to its effective performance – may degrade.


Key requirements for the code are that it is tamperproof and permanent, and able to remain intact in harsh saline environments.


For this purpose, the Linx 8900 is printing with Linx 1240 Black fast-drying ink which has excellent durability.


“We were looking for a coder with a simple user interface that would enable us to print a single line, with the option of QR and barcodes,” explains Peter Jenkins, the owner of Powerhaul International.


The Linx 8900 is printing a 20-character code onto five different products and has the flexibility to place the
information in different areas, depending on which flare is being coded. Code changes, which can occur up to five times a day, are quick and easy to perform.