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Castrol Limited - The big trends that are driving change across the world, such as digitization and urbanization, are only accelerating and increasing our reliance on ever more sophisticated and advanced technology solutions. As this change takes place, consumers and businesses are demanding a more sustainable approach – to the products they buy and the vehicles they use. Concerns over climate change, air quality and scarcity of resources are creating an urgent need to act more sustainably.

We develop and test hundreds of new products every year and our teams work closely with leading industry original equipment manufacturers, whom we supply with a broad range of lubricants designed for particular operating conditions and environments. Many of our products are recommended by and co-engineered with major vehicle manufacturers, including Audi, Ford, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, MAN, Seat, Skoda, Tata, Volkswagen, and Volvo.



Facilitates their control, safety, anti-counterfeiting, and traceability as are the main requirement from Castrol.


PT Asia recommended CO2 iCON Macsa Laser + Collamat® C 4300 to approve of their requirements. Laser Marking can be marking key information for the fight against counterfeiting. They need to mark 3 lines for Batch, Lot and Expiry date onto the black label. By the way, the black label applied on the side of the bottle by Labeling Machine.

''Reduces maintenance while achieving a production environment that is far cleaner and much more no smell''

Operation Product Manger 

About the Collamat® C 4300

Wide application range thanks to the availability of various applicators for specific products; a spring-loaded flap applicator for pass-through labeling of uneven products; flap applicator with magnet for pass-through labeling in small cavities or of light products; blow-on for labeling without contact with the product; tamp-on for stand-still labeling or labeling in cavities. Collamat® design – Electronics, drive unit, backing paper re-winder and control panel integrated in one, space-saving unit. Modularity –The Collamat® well-known module rail design facilitates the installation of printers, scanners or other devices. Easy adaptation to new applications. Fast change-over times. Easy operation – Settings can easily be changed by four potentiometers. Fast set up – Set the label scanner, pre-dispensing, label position, and application speed – and you are ready to work.


The specialist in small character laser coding. It is clean, fast and easy to use. iCON laser by Macsa is clean, fast and will reduce your maintenance and consumables bill to minimums.

CO2 iCON lasers do not use ink, meaning that you cut costs by not using consumables. This also reduces the maintenance of the laser system while achieving a production environment that is far cleaner and much more hygienic.

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